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Taskando \(task·​an·​dō)\

Time tracking for the curious

Taskando is a new app on the block that helps you track your projects.
It combines qualitative and quantiative insights, and facilitates better retrospective, learning, and self-development.

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Learning about your projects

Learning about projects is inherently difficult, which makes it hard to estimate them with confidence. Taskando is here to change that. With Taskando, you can enter rich logs of data that help with analysing your projects retrospectively.


Work, log, and grow

Building your confidence and extending your knowledge about your work and how external variables shape it is the most important feature of Taskando. Improve your attention to processes, understand how long your projects take and why, and gain more confidence estimating and talking about your projects.


Smart granularity

Taskando has an improved tracking system that rounds up the time spent, so you get a meaningful overview of the time tracking.


Comprehensive notes

Taskando makes it easy to add notes and access them for things like requirements, check lists, retrospectives, and note down things that change and affect your timelines.

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